Pontoon Boat Interior & Exterior Cleaning Services

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Cleaning your boat interior and exterior does more than keep your vessel looking good.  Pontoon exterior and interior cleaning also improves the longevity of your boat while also enhancing its functionality.

But who wants to spend hours cleaning their boat while they can spend this time hitting the water?

This is why Pontoon Cleaners are here for you. Since we know that interior and exterior cleaning isn’t the coolest part of owning a boat, we take this task off your list.

At Pontoon Cleaners, we clean your pontoon’s exterior in addition to offering boat interior cleaning services. We have experienced and skilled boat technicians who will have your vessel’s interior and exterior looking great in no time. Besides, we use high-quality and safe cleaning products and methods, which is one of the reasons why so many Texas boat owners trust us.

But before you hire us, here are a few tips that you can use to take better care of your boat’s exterior and interior.

How to Take Care of Your Boat Interior

Most boat owners know how to take care of their boat’s exterior surfaces. However, very few of these owners have mastered the art of cleaning a pontoon boat interior.

 If you’re lost on how cleaning boat interior works, here are a few tips that can help:

Cover your boat’s seats – One of the boat interior materials that need to be protected from weather elements is upholstery. Do not leave your seats uncovered, more so when your boat isn’t in use. When the seats are covered, they will also be protected from weather elements such as UV rays. Notably, never cover wet seats as this provides the perfect breeding ground for mold

Use proper marine cleaners – Vinyl upholstery is one of the commonest materials found in boat interiors. To clean it, you need to use the right cleaners. Start by cleaning off salt, dirt, and other debris from the fabric using a damp cloth. Then apply a layer of vinyl cleaner and rinse the upholstery with clean, fresh water. Do not forget to dry the material. If the material has tough stains or mildew, use a soft bristle brush and a vinyl cleaner. Don’t hard scrub your seats, as this can damage the vinyl protective layer. Also, never use harsh cleaners such as bleach, degreaser, gasoline, household cleaners, or magic erasers on your seats. Lastly, to extend the life of the vinyl upholstery, apply a layer of marine vinyl protectant

Keep the upholstery dry – Once you’re out of the water, you need to keep your upholstery moisture-free. Moisture that gets trapped on your upholstery can damage it or cause mold growth. The key to taking good care of your upholstery is to wipe your seats after every use. Also, ensure that you wipe any noticeable messes with warm water and mild marine soap.

Cleaning other materials and items – Other materials and items on the inside of your boat, such as non-skid fiberglass, teak, marine carpets, and boat cushions, should be cleaned with a mild detergent and given a good rinse. Again, ensure you dry such items to prevent moisture buildup. To give your wooden ornaments a healthy glow, apply some teak oil after cleaning and polishing them

Steps to Take Care of Your Boat Exterior

Different materials make up the exterior of your boat, which means that you have to clean it using different cleaners and products.

For instance, the stainless steel on your boat’s pulpit will need to be cleaned with a metal polish. Similarly, a designated marine soap and a hull polish will clean any marine buildup on the body of your boat and also keep its finish looking good.

Here are more cleaning tips that you can use to keep your boat’s exterior looking as good as new:

Rinse the boat first – When your boat is in the water, it picks up loose dirt, saline water, sand, and other debris. Such elements, if left to linger, can cause damage to the exterior surfaces. Always ensure you rinse off your boat after pulling it out of the water and before washing it. Ensure you don’t use a high-pressure hose for rinsing as the water pressure can cause damage to the finish

Use the right boat cleaner – Use marine cleaners that are designated for cleaning boat interiors and exteriors. Further, instead of using hard bristle brushes, use a soft large sponge to clean the exterior. Remember to rinse off any soapy water residue with fresh, clean water.

Don’t air-dry it – Air-drying your boat will leave white specks on the surface, making it look dirtier than it really is. Instead of air drying your pontoon, use a soft cloth, or a chamois cloth

Cover your boat – Use a boat cover to protect your boat when not in use. Ensure you give your canvas covers regular cleanings, as elements that are left on the covers for too long can eventually get inside your boat and ruin it.

How Pontoon Cleaners Provides the Best Cleaning Solutions for Your Boat Interior and Exterior

As mentioned earlier, the exterior and interior of your boat is made up of different items and materials. For instance, some of the items found on your boat’s interior include non-slip fiberglass, vinyl, marine carpet, cushions, and heads.  Similarly, some items that need to be cleaned on a boat’s exterior include the hull, gel coat surfaces, hull bottoms, teak, engine, canvas, and isinglass.

Effective boat cleaning involves using the right products for all these items and materials. At Pontoon Cleaners, we use boat-specific products that not only guarantee great results but are also safe for your investment. Some of these products include:

  • Dedicated boat cleaners that are 100% biodegradable 
  • Hard water spots remover
  • Waterproofing sprays
  • Marine multi-surface cleaners
  • Boat hull and bottom cleaners
  • Teak sealers
  • Soft sponges, wash mitts, and microfiber towels
  • Bristle brushes to scrub away dirt and grime
  • Chamois, boat shammy and squeegees to dry and protect the vinyl surfaces on your boat
  • Vinyl cleaner and protectant
  • Deck brushes
  • Aluminum cleaning solutions
  • Pressure washer and hose for rinsing
  • Stain and mildew removers

Methods Pontoon Cleaners Use to Maintain Your Boat Interior and Exterior

At Pontoon Cleaners, we offer both thorough and basic boat cleaning packages.

During a thorough deep clean of your boat’s exterior, we clean the hull, decks, flybridge, superstructure, chrome elements, seating, carpets, fenders, windows, and the outboard motors. Part of this package also includes cleaning the interior, including the bathrooms, engine room, and cabin.

We also offer a basic cleaning package for boat owners who want help removing loose dirt and salt buildup on their boats. Basic cleans are recommended every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on your boat’s usage and the water salinity.

In addition to using the right cleaners during our interior and exterior cleaning routine, we also use the proper methods to ensure your boat stays in good shape. Some of the methods we use include

  • We work from top to bottom so that we don’t miss anything during our cleaning routine
  • We wash and dry all fabrics
  • Soft sponging to ensure we don’t scratch your boat’s surface
  • Waxing to maintain the color and shine of your boat’s gel coat finish
  • Spot cleaning to remove water spot stains
  • We use water-repellent products on your windshield to reduce water spots
  • We use fresh, clean water for rinsing
  • Let in fresh air and light after we finish cleaning your boat
  • Thoroughly dry everything before handing over your boat to you

Reasons You Should Choose Our Services for Your Boat Interior and Exterior

The safest and fastest way to keep your boat interior and exterior in pristine condition is to hire professional cleaning services from Pontoon Cleaners. We offer hassle-free boat maintenance and regular cleanings, in addition to using the safest products on your prized possession. Besides, we have trained and experienced technicians that will handle your boat with utmost care.

In a nutshell, Pontoon Cleaners take away the guesswork when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your boat, so you can spend your time enjoying the water. Call us today, and let us take boat cleaning off your to-do list!