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Renting vs Buying Pontoon Boats: Which One Should You Do?

Renting vs Buying Pontoon Boats: Which One Should You Do?

Renting vs Buying Pontoon Boats: Which One Should You Do? post thumbnail

Pontoons are one of the best types of boats for families to take for a day together on the lake. They are safe for the whole family, spacious to bring along your whole group of friends, and stable enough to be easy to drive while casting your reel into the water to catch some fish.

There are so many benefits to choosing a pontoon as your family’s boat of choice, but the real question is should you rent or buy a pontoon boat? This is a dilemma many boat lovers face at some point in their life. It’s a big decision to weigh, so it’s important that you look at all the factors to make the right choice.

Things like pontoon cleaning service, daily maintenance, and cost all play big factors in whether you choose to rent or buy. Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons to help you make the right decision.


The cost will most likely have the biggest impact on your final decision. Many people choose to go for renting the pontoon because the upfront cost of owning a boat can be quite costly. What they aren’t looking at is the overall cost of renting. If your family rents a pontoon several times a year, then after a few years you guys will spend more on renting fees than you would have on the cost of a boat.

Verdict: For families who love to spend time together on the boat, buying the boat will be more cost-efficient in the long run.


If you rent the boat you won’t have to worry about any of the maintenance. However, many boat owners have noticed that their annual maintenance costs aren’t very high. Owning the boat also gives you the security of knowing your pontoon’s maintenance is up to date. You find more pontoon renters broken down in the middle of the water than pontoon owners.

Verdict: Owning the pontoon means that you will be in charge of when the maintenance is done, so you don’t have to wonder when it was last checked out.


You’re a busy person and probably don’t have time to give your pontoon a proper cleaning. Proper cleaning of your pontoon means that it will run smoothly while burning less fuel. Your boat is made out of various materials that all need special attention to stay in great condition.

Whether you own the boat or rent it, you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning. If you own your boat you will be in control of how often it’s getting cleaned so you know it’s getting done on a regular schedule. Owning a boat means you can use a trusted pontoon cleaning service, like Pontoon Cleaners, so it’s always ready for your day on the water.

Verdict: We all have a responsibility to use less fuel, so make sure you’re driving a boat that has been kept clean. If you own the pontoon then you have control of it’s cleaning schedule.


If you own a boat then you need to make sure you have a place to store it. While some people already have this figured out, it can create a headache for others. Some neighborhoods have strict rules which prohibit people from parking their boat in their driveways. Many people don’t want to store their boats away from their properties because of the risk of vandalism.

Verdict: The verdict here depends on your property. If you don’t have room to store your boat you may be more comfortable renting the pontoon. However, if you have room to store the pontoon boat then it’s a different story. Sometimes you will plan a trip on the water last minute which means there might not always be a boat available to rent. This is why many people still prefer to buy the pontoon and then find alternate storage options if they are unable to bring it home.

Renting vs Buying Pontoon Boats

Rent or Buy a Pontoon Boat: Avid boaters are better off purchasing their pontoon boats. Renting can be more expensive over time and also causes the boater a bit of worry on the water since they can’t guarantee how often cleaning and maintenance of the boat are performed.

Owning a boat means that you and your friends can go for a pontoon trip whenever you feel like it. You can have peace of mind knowing when maintenance was last performed and by using a trusted pontoon cleaning service like Pontoon Cleaners.