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RV / Camper Cleaning and Detailing

Do you own a recreational vehicle (RV) or a camper?

If you answered yes to this question, then you know that keeping it clean is one of the things that enhances its functionality when you hit the road. 

But camper cleaning is different from cleaning your regular vehicle, as you need to do more than just hose down the entire exterior or vacuum the interior. A thorough RV cleaning service involves cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, sleeping and living areas.

The good news is that a professional detailing service provider such as Pontoon Cleaners can help clean your RV or camper inside out.  

At Pontoon Cleaners we provide RV detailing services in Conroe, Texas. For us, cleaning your motorhome is a breeze as we have the right tools and skilled RV detailers to get the job done. Besides, we offer convenient mobile RV cleaning Conroe services since we come to the location of your choice. 

Talk to us today and let us give you an RV cleaning service like no other.

PLEASE NOTE, when calculating the price we charge please take the total length of your Camper/RV and multiple it by 2. Meaning if you have a 30ft camper, we will charge you for 70ft total. For any further questions or inquiries please book your appointment and our Technician will call you.

What Do RV/Camper Cleaning and Detailing Include

Professional camper detailing is different from a routine trailer cleaning service.  Compared to a regular wash, RV detailing services involve deep cleaning that pays special attention and care to the details of your trailer.

Moreover, since RVs are made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, aluminum and rubber, a professional camper cleaning in Conroe, Texas involves the use of a professional cleaning process and products. It is also done by experienced and skilled detailers that use equipment that is specifically designed for your camper.

A full camper cleaning service from PontoonCleaners typically includes:

  • Washing the exterior
  • Waxing the exterior
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the interior
  • Cleaning the RV roof and awning
  • Detailing the wheels and shining the tires
  • Degreasing and shining rims
  • Polish to restore faded fiberglass and shine
  • Buffing to remove oxidation
  • Stain extraction and treatment
  • Cleaning the RV bathroom
  • Cleaning the undercarriage
  • Bug and pests removal
  • Polishing windows
  • Vacuuming and steam-cleaning the upholstery and carpets
  • Door and window cleaning
  • Cleaning the water system and holding tanks
  • Cleaning other built-in appliances

Benefits of Professional RV/Camper Cleaning and Detailing

Your camper is an investment that should be well taken care of. A deep cleaning of your RV is what you need if you want to keep your motor home clean and sanitized.

Giving your motor home a proper trailer cleaning service will leave its interior and exterior as good as new. A proper camper detailing service is also convenient, cost-effective and a necessity as explained below.

Prevent Future Pests

Part of the Pontoon Cleaners RV cleaning services involves bugs and pest removal. Pests and bugs if left to sit in your camper can damage the finish of your car or eat away at your paint job. To avoid damage to your costly investment, you must remove pests and bugs as soon as possible.

At Pontoon Cleaners we use products that are exclusive for removing bugs from RVs. We also avoid the use of unsafe methods such as physical agitation and scrubbing which can cause damage to your clear coat.

In case pests have already stained your coat, we offer compounding and polishing services.

Moreover, to ensure bugs don’t stain your RV in the future, we provide pest protection options during our cleaning process. Protection techniques such as waxing, coating or the use of a sealant help prevent your paint from staining and also makes it easier for you to clean off bugs in the future.


A professional camper cleaning service is a time saver, considering that RV detailing is a time-consuming task that can take you 12 or more hours.

Besides, professional RV detailers offer a convenient mobile detailing service meaning they come to you. Not to mention that you won’t need to keep a schedule for your next RV detailing appointment, as your RV detailing service provider will send you reminders to notify you when your motor home is due for another detailing service.


As mentioned earlier, your RV is made up of different materials that require different products during cleaning. Besides, camper cleaning requires specific products, as regular soaps and chemicals can damage the sensitive parts of your camper.

Unfortunately, buying these supplies can be expensive.  

However, you can avoid such costs by hiring professional RV detailers. Additionally, getting your RV cleaned by a professional saves you high repair costs as it helps prevent irreversible damage to your investment.

Professional Help

RVs are wider and taller than your typical car meaning you’ll require to be skilled to give your RV a good clean.  Besides, the techniques and products you use for the interior and exterior wash for your camper are totally different from the ones you use to clean a regular vehicle.

A professional detailer can do all this for you. They have the skill, experience, and products to get the job done. With a professional pressure-cleaning trailer service, there is no guesswork, and you can rest easy knowing your investment is in safe hands.

How to Understand When You Need RV/Camper Cleaning and Detailing

Detailing your RV should be a necessity rather than an afterthought. A professional trailer cleaning service is recommended at least twice or thrice a year if you want to keep your investment in good shape.

However, your motorhome may need to be detailed more regularly depending on:

Age – The older your camper is, the more often you’ll need to clean it, especially if the paint is falling off or some parts are broken or damaged

Weather conditions – If your RV is exposed to bad weather, you’ll need to detail it more often. Weather elements such as the sun’s UV rays and mud can damage your paint, while snow and hail can chip away at your RV and leave dents

Mileage – The more you drive your camper, the dirtier it gets. Notably, if you drive your RV in muddy or dusty backroads, you’ll need to detail it after every trip. Mud and dirt in your tires can interfere with your motorhome performance, while dust and grime can leave the entire exterior and interior of your RV filthy.

In closing, detailing your RV is a time-consuming task but a necessary one if you want to keep your investment in its best condition. At Pontoon Cleaners, we want you to enjoy your camper, which is why we are willing to detail it at an affordable cost.  If you need mobile RV detailing services, we can come to your home or campsite. Talk to us today as we are the best option when it comes to an entire exterior and interior RV cleaning service.