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PontoonCleaners: Making Boats Shine

PontoonCleaners: Making Boats Shine

PontoonCleaners: Making Boats Shine post thumbnail

There is a lot of maintenance and management required when it comes to owning a boat, especially a pontoon. Cleaning a pontoon takes a great deal of time and effort, and it is something that should be done right.

So why not save time by having your pontoon professionally cleaned? PontoonCleaners is an award-winning, professional boat cleaning service located in Conroe, Texas.

What PontoonCleaners provides

In addition to cleaning the interior and exteriors of pontoon boats, PontoonCleaners also does maintenance on your pontoon. In addition to that, they offer boat cover cleaning services as well.

Once your appointment is scheduled, PontoonCleaners will drive out to your location and will clean your boat to your exact specifications.

PontoonCleaners ensures that all their technicians are well-trained and capable of giving your pontoon the thorough cleaning that it deserves. In order to ensure your safety, they only use safe cleaning products.

Great service, unbeatable prices

PontoonCleaners offers three plans to their customers. The standard plan costs $179.99 and provides services like washing the interior and exterior of your boat, waxing and polishing the exterior, and conditioning the interior.

The second plan costs $499.99, and they will put a protective coat on your exterior, apply a mirror finish to it, and polish the boat. Finally, they offer a winterize package for just $349.99 to get your boat ready for winter.

The winterize package includes services like draining the water, inspecting the motor, and they offer an oil change as an extra service.

Service with a smile

Customer satisfaction is greatly valued by PontoonCleaners. If a customer isn’t satisified, PontoonCleaners will work with them until they are satisfied. If a customer has any questions, PontoonCleaners is only one e-mail away.

To stay connected with their customers, PontoonCleaners set up two pages for social media on Facebook and Instagram respectively. They provide contact information there as well so that potential customers can call them.

The results speak for themselves

As a demonstration of their skill, PontoonCleaners also posts a lot of before and after pictures of their customers’ boats. The difference between each picture leaves no doubt in the fact that PontoonCleaners can make your boat look pristine.

Not only that, but they list the number of completed projects and satisfied customers on their website. With over 200 satisfied clients and 250+ projects completed, PontoonCleaners is the go-to cleaning service for your pontoon boat.


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