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Cool Boat Hacks for 2021

Cool Boat Hacks for 2021

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Owning a boat is one of life’s simple pleasures. You can get away, any time that you like, on a portable paradise that is all your own. It’s only natural to customize that boat to your liking and today we’re going to share some cool boat hacks to help you to do exactly that.

With a few minor modifications, you can customize your craft and really get the most out of your YOU time. Let’s take a look at some cool boat hacks that can seriously upgrade your experience!

Prodyne Veggie Hammock

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One thing about owning a boat… you learn to make the most of your space. If you don’t organize things a little then your boat is cluttered or you end up leaving things at home and simply doing without. One nice organization hack is tried and true and that is hammock storage.

This Prodyne veggie hammock is a great example, allowing you to store fruits and veggies or more practical items, such as rope or bulky gear that is hard to store anywhere else. It’s a simple hack that you’ll find extremely useful when it comes to saving space.

NomadIQ portable boat grill

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At the end of the fishing day it’s time to clean your catch, ice it up, and get it home to cook. Why not just spend the night on the lake? This NomadIQ is a portable, propane-fueled grill that weighs about 12 pounds and with a little DIY ingenuity it can be mounted securely in your boat on a mini table or another mount of your choosing.

Being able to grill on your boat is a serious upgrade and if you don’t like the Nomad, there are even rail-mounted grills out there. Just think about it… a night on the lake, fresh-grilled fish, and a little breakfast in the morning before you go back home. Now that’s some quality boat time!

Kickpick Organizer for stowing plates

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Speaking of meals on the boat, where are you going to store the plates? This takes us to another one of those cool boat hacks that you can use to make the most of your storage. A simple mounted magazine rack just happens to be the perfect size for stowing plates so that your meals are regal and civilized.

Throw in a magnetic tool holder for cutlery, stow some spice containers and veggies in your storage hammock, and you’ve got a mobile kitchen so you can stay on your boat and simply keep on fishin’.

HITORHIKE Fishing rod holders

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Time out on the boat is how a lot of boat owners socialize. You get a few of your friends, a nice cooler full of beers or sodas, and head out on the lake. Fishing rod holders are a great way to ensure that nobody has to hold their fishing rod 24/7.

This helps to ensure that the mood on the boat is relaxing and open for the kind of conversations you can only have when you’re relaxed and on the lake with your best friends in the world.

In closing

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the cool boat hacks which we have shared with you today. Making your boat just a little more personal and a lot more useful is one of life’s simple pleasures. Give one or more of these hacks a try and you can see for yourself.

Your boat doesn’t need some expensive overhaul.

A little tweak here and there, a touch of creativity, and an eye for practical modifications is all that you need to make your awesome boat just a little bit better!


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