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How Often Should Your Boat Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Your Boat Be Cleaned?

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When it comes to the cleanliness of your boat, a lot of people are under the impression that how clean it needs to be all depends on what the owner prefers. What a lot of people are unaware of is how clean the bottom of your boat is can affect how it runs and even how long it lasts.

If you are wondering how often you should be getting your boat cleaned, the real answer is “it depends”. There are quite a few things that determine how often you should get your boat cleaned so it is always running at it’s best when you bring it out for a cruise on the lake.

Cleaning your boat can be time-consuming and if you don’t know what you’re doing there’s a very good chance that it won’t be done properly. When your boat gets dirty, the team at Pontoon Cleaners is eager to take care of all the boating cleaning Conroe area jobs. No boat is too dirty for their crew, they specialize in putting extra care into the fine details of every boat the touch.

Marine Growth Could Be Affecting Your Boat’s Speed

Where you keep your boat is actually a huge factor in figuring out how often your boat needs to be cleaned. Warmer beds of water, such as Lake Conroe, have a much higher amount of marine growth than waters in colder climates.

Lake Conroe is a popular laker for Texas boaters, so if you frequent this lake often you will definitely need to have a trusted boat cleaning Conroe based company on speed dial. If you don’t get all that marine growth cleaned off of the bottom of your boat, then your boat’s speed will decline, causing you to go through more fuel.

If your boat is in an area where there is more tidal flow, then it has a higher chance of having more marine growth on the bottom. The majority of marine life that attach themselves to the bottom of boats are filter feeders. If you are in an area with the more tidal flow then there will be more food for them to catch, which will weigh your boat down more.

A good cleaning of the bottom of your boat will get all of that growth off for you, although it most likely won’t be your main factor in determining how often you should get your boat cleaned.

The Way You Use Your Boat

The biggest factor for determining how often you should have your boat cleaned it how you use it. Someone who enjoys competing in boat races will need to have their boat cleaned more frequently, often every 2 weeks, to ensure that it is running at it’s fastest. Boat racers don’t want any extra growth slowing them down.

Recreational boat owners don’t need to worry about having their boat cleaned quite as often. They can get by on having their boat cleaned once a month on average to have it running in its best shape.

No matter what you use your boat for, there is one thing all boat owners should pay attention to between cleanings. Always make sure there isn’t any growth attached to your boat’s propeller. If there is and it goes unnoticed, it could cause high water intakes in the engine which could lead to damage among other hazardous problems.

How Fresh Is That Paint?

The paint used on boat bottoms has a copper and other chemicals in it that prevent marine growth. A fresh boat that was newly painted won’t have nearly as much growth on it as one of the older boats in the water.

Over the years on the water, your boat bottom’s paint will start to chip and wear off. As it chips, your boat loses the properties that were preventing the marine growth from occurring. Boats with older paint jobs will require cleaning more frequently than newer ones.

When it comes to determining how often your boat needs to be cleaned, the age of your paint and how you use your boat are your leading factors. To find out more about how often you should seek boat cleaning Conroe services, give us a call at Pontoon Cleaners.